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We are a Paris-based French organization, comprising a team of partners from various countries who share common values and a passion for world culture. We focus on curating international cultural projects, connecting artists and spaces, cultures and languages, events and art forms
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10.05.2024, Paris
An orchestra that conquered the world’s Tango Olympus. The only European tango-orchestra that was nominated to the First international “Premios Tango” (Buenos Aires) is giving an exclusive performance during their tour in France with special guests: Sebastian Rossi, Clara Maria, Vito, Kira Makarova
16.12.2023, Paris
An eclectic band from Italy blends skillfully ancient harmonies and sonorities with modern rhythms. Charming melodies, original and astonishing arrangements, the delicate polyphonic texture of the three voices and punchy vibrant rhythms.
03.12.2023, Paris
Flamenco world fusion project, a golden conversation between piano, voice and dance. It features internationally acclaimed artists, Maria Keck and Jorge Quesada, on their upcoming tour, including a performance in Paris at Café de la Danse on December 3rd.

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